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Brain Mapping Assesments

What is a Brain Mapping or qEEG?

Your brain is an extremely complex organ made up of billions of cells called neurons. Neurons send and receive messages to and from all parts of the body. This electrical flow in the brain can be measured and mapped using a qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram). This is known as Brain Mapping.


Why do I need Brain Mapping?

We use Brain Mapping as a "fitness assessment" so that we know how to best develop a neurofeedback protocol for your specific situation. By doing so, we strive to teach your brain how to balance, eliminating "noise" and habits that could cause or contribute to your symptoms. Neurofeedback training can also be used to improve your performance, or for recovery.


How does it work?

Using a 19-sensor headset placed on the scalp, our amplifier software captures electrical impulses in the brain. This method is known as an electroencephalogram (EEG). The results show the patterns of brain waves (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma) in different parts of the brain. The process takes about 15 minutes, and the data is then converted to the visual Brain Mapping report. 


We analyze the Brain Mapping report and identify any problem areas. It will be prepared so that the results will be displayed in a clear and concise format, which can be easily understood.


To accurately and safely measure your brain activity, it is important to follow the steps below before evaluation:


Your cooperation is very important. If you do not cooperate and follow these steps, it may be necessary to reschedule the QEEG assessment.

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Neuro Cognitive Assesments


Computerized Neurocognitive Assement este o procedura clinica neinvaziva, care evalueaza eficient si obiectiv un spectru larg de performante si functii de la nivelul creierului sub anumite conditii de stres, permitand masurarea simptomelor clinice, comportamentelor si comorbiditatilor importante relevante pentru evaluarea si gestionarea continua a multor afectiuni neurologice, psihiatrice si de alta natura.


Aceasta evaluarea poate ajuta la identificarea sursei unor probleme din viata de zi cu zi, scoala sau mediul profesional de lucru.


Testarea Computerizata Neurocognitiva este formata din 10 testari normative validate si peste 50 de alte testari specifice fiind administrate la peste 13 milioane de persoane din 52 de tari, regasindu-se in peste 400 de publicatii independente si academice.


Acesta este disponibil in 60 de limbi fiind folosit atat domeniul medical, academic, militar cat si sportiv.

Body Assesments

Body composition is of interest both in the field of health and sports performance. In health, body composition has long been studied, with excess fat being evident in obese populations and with muscle mass limited to the elderly.


In athletic performance, changes in body composition, such as reduced fat mass and increased muscle mass, are often highlighted as determinants of successful performance and as the target of multiple interventions.


Over the years, several methods of measuring body composition have been suggested and used, each method being likely to be applied in certain scenarios, with a trade-off that usually occurs between accuracy and reliability and cost and practicality.


Biohacking Performance uses a combination of the latest assessment methods based on bioempedance and ultrasound for the highest possible accuracy in order to determine the following body values:

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Specific Performance Assessments


O evaluare complexa a sportivului adaptata nevoilor sportului practicat este un lucru necesar pentru asigurarea performantei ridicate.


Se vor folosi o serie de teste fizice in care se vor determina mobilitatea, stabilitatea, biomecanica tehnicilor de executie, agilitatea, viteza, forta, puterea si rezistenta fizica.


We use standardized assessment methods with special protocols to ensure consistency and validity of tests. These things will be done with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, used by elite athletes around the world.


The results of a performance analysis are used by the coach and physical trainer to adjust the specific training program and physical training of the athletes according to the necessary characteristics.


We will continue to make constant reassessments to monitor progress. These will be done at the micro and macro level.


The micro evaluations will be made at the level of each repetition and exercise, these being decomposed to see the strengths and weaknesses, being our duty to improve them.


O macro evaluare va fi facuta la 1-3 luni si este cruciala pentru identificarea progresului.


Acestea vor dovedi ca programul implementat produce rezultate, iar in cazul in care acestea nu sunt acceptabile, programul va fi modificat pentru obtinerea rezultatelor propuse.

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