Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

How does this therapy work?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) uses pulsed magnetic fields directed to the brain, where it produces a simulation at a certain frequency. The brain will respond to PEMF by copying and synchronizing them with delivered frequencies, helping to create a perfect mental environment for the desired state. This is called brain wave entrainment.


Each of our activities is reflected in the brain in the form of brain waves of different frequencies - alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta. All 7 stimulation programs use scientifically determined frequencies, based on dozens of scientific studies over time in the field of pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) around the world.

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Stimulation frequencies


Our brain and body have the ability to adapt to external frequencies. The device emits these frequencies with the help of medium intensity magnetic fields and the body adapts to them. This results in a perfect mental environment for sleep, meditation, relaxation, concentration, revitalization or can help you adapt to chronic / acute pain in a natural way, without pills, helping the body to recover faster. Because the brain itself uses electricity to send and receive signals to / from other parts of the body, the process is normal for the body.

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