Biohacking is the art of maximizing physical and mental performance through the use of scientific and technological means and a deep understanding of physiology and nutrition.

One of the foundations of biohacking claims that improving health is more profitable than treating the disease, seeking to identify and raise awareness of all factors in the indoor and outdoor environment to gain control over your body.

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Biohacking Performance este primul concept de performanta din Romania care foloseste biohackingul, avand o abordare holistica, folosind cele mai noi metode si tehnologii din domeniul neurostiintei si fiziologiei integrand elemente din biofeedback, neurofeedback, meditatie, nutritie, pregatire fizica si mentala intr-un concept 360®.


Our practice is dedicated to improving physical health and brain performance. Cognitive fitness has many definitions depending on our stage of life, circumstances, diseases, injuries or other factors.

We can all reach our full potential by expanding the level of our cognitive function. In the same way that we can improve our body through fitness, we can increase our concentration, creativity and mental efficiency through specific strategies and healthy brain habits.



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High Performance Coach

E. Catalin Gherman

Practicing boxing and martial arts from an early age he developed his passion for human performance both physically and mentally, studying and putting into practice over time a lot of methods to improve performance.

Catalin is licensed as a boxing and fitness coach in the National Coaching School card, a graduate of the Elite Performance Institute, International Strength & Conditioning Association, MMA Conditioning Association and holds over 20 certifications in sports (biomechanics, sports psychology, yoga, kettlebell, etc.).

With an experience of over 15 years in the sports field, he works both in recreational fitness, in the last 7 years he has been a coach in the Stejarii Country Club, as well as in performance sports collaborating with several sports, including rugby, table tennis. , gymnastics, boxing, martial arts, football, obtaining with athletes a multitude of national and international titles.

Starting with 2016, he is a collaborator of the Romanian Boxing Federation both on the performance side within the men's national and Olympic teams and on the education side in the training and improvement of coaches.

In recent years he has focused on the study of neuroscience and methods of developing brain performance by graduating from the Medical Neuroscience course at Duke University, the Neurofeedback Therapist Course accredited by the Institute for EEG and Neurofeeback in Germany , being the first and only romanian certified in EEG NeuroMeditation by Dr. Jeff Terant, director and founder of the US NeuroMeditation Institute

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Nutrition Coach

Valentina Gherman

Valentina is a person passionate about sports and healthy nutrition with over 7 years of experience as a fitness trainer and sports nutrition specialist.

Practica fitnessu-ul si a obtinut doua titluri de vicecampioana nationala la categoria bikini fitness si doua titluri cu locul II la concursul Tiger Classic.

Valentina is an internationally accredited trainer in the category Bikini fitness - Women's Physique, IFBB accredited fitness instructor, SFT instructor (Surface free training), Fight Klub instructor (BAG-BOX & KHAI BO), COREX & POSTURAL TRAINING instructor and in the field of nutrition she is nationally accredited as Nutritionist Technician and Nutrition Coach by Precision Nutrition.

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