Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, internet, eating disorders?

No one should tell you that addictions are bad. You already know that any kind of addiction can destroy lives: health, families, relationships, etc. and they can all end very badly.


Addiction is a state of severe disturbance, both behavioral in nature and a disorder of mental activities, leading to mental, physical, moral and social degradation of the patient. 

Addiction is a state of submission, subordination, and deviation from what we might call normalcy.


Nobody aims to become addicted! Addiction is progressively installed, often without us realizing it.


If at first the negative effects of consumption or addictive behavior rarely occur, they will become visible as addiction sets in. It will not go away on its own. 


Healing involves giving up the substance / behavior over which the person cannot have control. Giving up is not easy. But if the person has suffered negative consequences and does not want them to continue to affect his life, there is no better time to start recovery than NOW!


EEG biofeedback is great for relaxing. It can teach you how to relax. By relaxing your brain deep enough in each session, the results accumulate and will be long lasting. 


This will slow down the brain waves in the back of the head by reactivating the network called DMN (Default Mode Network).


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